Eduardo Osorio

Apple Developer Academy

Apple Developer Academy

DECEMBER 2014 - APRIL 2016

apple developer academy

Design Instructor in a program by Apple in partnership with universities around the world, teaching computer science bachelors students on how to become an iOS developer. 

At Apple Developer Academy (formerly known as BEPiD) my role was to guide students between the guidelines of the platform and teach design principles for creating app interfaces. The daily task were to provide mentorship and brainstorm design solutions for projects that students created in a year long curriculum, being a gatekeeper for good design patterns. 

I was challenged to propose a design curriculum for the program, defining a way of teaching and exploring contents at the laboratories and classrooms. Alongside the teaching role I was creating design materials and developing the program brand.
At Apple Developer Academy I received the Big Nerd Ranch iOS Developer certificate and attended WWDC 2016 and Layers Design conference.

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MODULES for the DESIGN curriculum

BEPiD Design4.jpg
BEPiD Design5.jpg
BEPiD Design6.jpg


BEPiD Design8.jpg
BEPiD Design9.jpg
BEPiD Design10.jpg
BEPiD Design12.jpg