Eduardo Osorio




HolidayCheck is an European travel package rating and booking service, leader in the segment in german-speaking countries by having a product that helps connecting users with the best destinations and hotels for their holidays.

I'm a Product Designer of our native iOS and android apps, focused in content creation and consumption within the app. My work starts with research, mainly in analytics, to understand how users are behaving inside our product, bringing the findings to the PO and defining features together with developers. We established a collaborative design process that unites the team in a kanban approach, reducing the hand-off process friction, creating interfaces and prototyping interactions during the product sprint.

At HolidayCheck I'm also involved in the modernization of the internal design process, leveraging the usage of prototype tools such as Framer, mentoring junior designers and pushing a design component approach between squads.


New onboarding FLow


Passion Search on iOS Feature presentation


Prototype for a Mallorca BEST BEACHES special