HolidayCheck is a travel packages comparing and booking tool, leader at the segment in western europe by having a product that helps connecting users with the best destinations and hotels for their holidays. Being part of a team of 10+ talented designers, I'm working with Los Nativos and Check-in Scrum teams, researching user data, defining features and creating interfaces and prototypes for our products.
At HolidayCheck I'm also involved in the modernization of the internal design process, leveraging the usage of prototype tools such as Framer, mentoring junior designers and pushing a design component approach between scrum teams.


Users Contributions feature on iOS


Users Contributions feature on web


Seasonal Special Pages

That project was created to highlight some specific destinations for a specific holiday season. The concept was created using the content motto "Top 10 best beaches in Mallorca", later on we understood that the base of the product was adaptable to other scenarios, as "Best 5 Ski Resorts in South Germany", etc. The conceptual work and design were created and validated using Sketch and Framer from early sketches to prototype tests with users. The interface goal was to have a single-page app with a fixed map header which navigates together with the content, connecting the articles with the geoposition of the subject.

You can check the framer prototype here.