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HolidayCheck is a travel package rating and booking service, leader in the segment in central europe by having a product that helps connecting users with the best destinations and hotels for their holidays.

Acting as a design leader for the mobile apps, iOS and android, the team was focused in content creation and consumption within our community and ecommerce flow optimization. 

My work started with analytics and user research. With constant debriefings for the PO and developers, suggesting features to be presented at our company OKR process. We had a well established design process where all designers could contribute in feedback sessions twice a week. With the research inputs a main concept is generated and prototyped to be tested with users. After the initial validation we started development inside the team in a kanban process, where we constantly iterate the output by checking how the feature was performing till the end of the quarter.
Using this framework we pushed the new visual language of HolidayCheck to the native apps.

I was also involved in the modernization of the internal design process, leveraging the usage of prototype tools such as Framer, mentoring junior designers and building a design component approach between teams.



Apps onboarding FLow


Emoji Rating Slider Component


Review Funnel on iOS

design team @ HolidayCheck

design team @ HolidayCheck